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Our deepest gratitude to our Event Sponsor of Record, Scotia Wealth Management. With their ongoing support of our shared vision to end Brain Cancer, Brain Matters Cancer Charity has been able to exceed its fundraising goals each year.

Scotiabank Wealth Management
Scotiabank Wealth Management

Brain Cancer is a devastating disease and yet is one of the least funded in terms of cancer research.

Brain Matters is a registered charity (No. 80359 4985 RR001) whose purpose is to raise funds to support the research needed to advance finding a cure for Brain Cancer. In the absense of a cure, the charity must, at the very least, help find a prevention therapy that will give brain cancer survivors a more optisimistic and hopeful prognosis.

Many charities retain a significant percentage of funds and donations received for administrative and operational costs (including salaries) and then disbursing the balance to the causes they support/ represent: Brain Matters differs in that it directs 100% of net proceeds raised to research initiatives. All work-related activities, including administration, marketing and outreach are performed by volunteer Board Members as well as community volunteers.

Our Story

In 2013 Bernardo Scalisi underwent a craniotomy and was diagnosed at 26 years old with an Oligodendroglioma. Bernardo is the inspiration behind Brain Matters Brain Cancer Charity.

After the family learned of the devastating news, answers were sought as to why. Why did this happen and what was the prognosis? The family discovered very little progress had been made in treating brain cancer, with no cure in sight.

Insufficient research funding has been one of the main reasons why the prognosis for brain cancer still remains grim. It is for this reason, Brain Matters Cancer Charity actively seeks funding for research needed to find a cure for brain cancer.


Brain Matters participated in several fundraising initiatives in 2017, including our first Fundraising Gala. We successfully donated $140,0000.00 to Sunnybrook Foundation and St. Michael’s Hospital, two major local health centres actively involved in diagnosing, treating, and researching Brain Cancer. Although we are aware that a more significant leap in financial support is needed to fund brain cancer research, we are very proud to announce these little steps and achievements.

Proceeds $140,000

Dr. Cusimano
Dr. Perry


On February 22, 2018 Board Member Carlos Pimentel completed an arduous 8 day trek up Mount Kilimanjaro in support of Brain Cancer awareness and research. The journey to reach the summit was realized and his goal to raise $10,000 was surpassed.

Brain Matters Brain Cancer Charity is very proud and honoured to have a Board Member who exhibits such passion and dedication to the cause. Congratulations Carlos!!!!

Proceeds raised $20,000.00

The Facts

Brain Cancer does not discriminate. The facts are shocking. It is imperative that we fight brain cancers on all fronts through research, awareness and support.

More than any other cancer, brain tumours can have lasting and life-altering physical, cognitive, and psychological impacts on a patient’s life. This means that malignant brain tumours can be described as equal parts neurological disease and deadly cancer.

Even benign brain tumours can be deadly if they interfere with portions of the brain responsible for vital bodily functions.

Many drugs cannot efficiently enter the brain to target the tumour. There is a unique barrier, termed the “blood-brain barrier” that limits the passage of molecules, like many chemo drugs, from the bloodstream into the brain. The challenge remains for researchers and doctors to develop better approaches, interventions and therapies for this devastating disease.

Unlike tumours in other parts of the body, (where a clear margin of normal tissue surrounding the tumour can often be taken to maximize the chances of complete tumour removal), brain tumours cannot be completely removed. This is generally not feasible for the brain, where a balance has to be made between tumour removal and risks to cognitive and/or neurological function or immediate patient survival.

There are more than 120 different types of brain tumours, many of them with their own subtypes.

Every day, 27 Canadians are diagnosed with a brain tumour. Unlike tumours in other parts of the body, surgical removal of the entire tumour is almost impossible, and in most cases, less than 90% can be removed.

The Directors
Angela Scalisi

Angela Scalisi

Founder & Creative Director

Brand Parlour

Finding prevention or a cure is a personal matter for Angela.

Angela studied at Ryerson in Business Management Marketing and has a 3 year diploma in Graphic Communications from Seneca College. She owns a graphic design and web studio based in Toronto. She brings valuable experience from her professional career in project management, communication and design.

Carlos Pimentel

Carlos Pimentel

Director of Organizing

Local 27 Carpenters Union

Carlos became involved with Brain Matters when his brother was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). His family was uninformed and unprepared for the challenges their family would face as a result of his brother’s diagnosis. Carlos feels the family failed in support, knowledge and skills needed to understand, cope and act.

Carlos lost his brother to the disease and in his memory has joined Brain Matters to help raise awareness and research funds needed to find a cure.

Bruno Cunsolo

Bruno Cunsolo

Director + Team Lead

Scotiabank Group

Bruno joined Brain Matters to help raise funds for Brain Cancer research. He feels that his involvement will help bring awareness to the disease and will also have a positive impact on how Brain Cancer is perceived by Canadians.

With a degree in Economics and over 15 years of banking experience Bruno is actively involved in the charity’s finances and strategic planning.

Ronald Davidzon

Ronald Davidzon


Davidzon Law

Ronald’s own life was dramatically and irreversibly changed from a young age by the death of his mother to cancer. As an adult, he has always sought a way to lend his support for a cure to cancer, whether through donations to worthy causes or volunteering of his time.

Ronald joined Brain Matters not only because of his personal experience, but also too because, unlike other established charities, Brain Matters is not entrenched in bureaucracies and is focused on donating 100% of its proceeds to brain cancer research.

Pietro Palleschi

Pietro Palleschi


Miller Thomson

Pietro was prompted to become a Board Member because he was intrigued at how little information was available about glioblastomas and more importantly, how seldom people spoke openly about it. His goal as a Board Member is to raise general awareness and encourage open discourse with a view to increasing funding, and ultimately to uncover more effective treatments and a cure.

Pietro’s energy and practical yet creative ideas are key assets in helping the charity raise awareness about this deadly disease.


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