May is Brain Tumour Awareness month! That is why in May, we go grey. This is a month we remember the ones we lost and celebrate the ones who continue to fight. 

As most of the world has come to a halt due to COVID-19, we can use this time to come together as a community to bring greater awareness to this cause that connects us.

Here are the two ways you can participate:

To commemorate this month's focus we will be seeking and sharing stories from brain cancer survivors, caregivers, neurosurgeons, neuro-oncologists, researchers, family members as well as stories honouring those who have left us too soon.  Stories that speak of hope, stories that inspire, as well as stories of heartache and pain.  To share your story tag us on social media @brainmatterscharity using the hashtag #turnmaygrey OR email your story to cure@brainmatterscharity.com, accompanied by a picture that conveys your experience.

You can also raise brain tumour awareness this month by posting a black and white photo (greyscale) using the caption below:

I TURNED GREY IN MAY BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN A FUTURE WITHOUT BRAIN CANCER. Now it’s your turn to share the light. All you have to do is copy this post, and share a black and white photo (any picture) using the hashtag #turnmaygrey and tag @brainmatterscharity 

Be a part of something that matters.